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Civil Engineers

Construction Management Consulting by Stark Holding

At Stark Holding, we take great pride at being the leading provider of construction project management solutions in Durban. We have an unrivalled team of highly trained and experienced construction consultants. Our primary goal is to deliver quality in construction management consulting.

Our core expertise is oversight of construction projects, complemented by a suite of construction project managers. Our versatile, experienced, and dynamic team of construction consultants will offer you incredible results at every stage of the project. We work to your agenda, strive for excellence, and deliver the best value for your money, with professionalism, on the budget, on time, and of industry’s highest quality.

Our Construction Management Consulting Philosophy

We aspire to become the preferred Construction Management Consultant in Durban. We promise to adhere to excellent craftsmanship, uncompromised quality, and dedication to client satisfaction.

Our Construction Management Consulting Services

We Project and Construction Management service that include but not limited to:

  • Tender Pricing
  • Tender Documentation
  • Tender Administration
  • Project Construction Management
  • Programme and Management of the infrastructure construction process
  • Risk Management
  • Project Reports
  • Daily Diaries
  • Project Costing
  • Strategic Planning

What Make Us Stand Out?

There are plenty of reasons why we are the best Construction Management Consultant in Durban.

Move Forward with Confidence

In an ever-changing real estate landscape, the best construction management consulting solution is often one part innovation, one part best practice. While we have a reputation for excellence, value, and quality, we position our company by focusing solidly on the future. Let’s build and manage the path ahead together.

Robust Team

We understand that we’re as strong as our team. In every of our project, we shall put forward a group of highly trained and certified Project and Construction Management professionals.

Unwavering Commitment

When we take on any project, we do so with dedicated commitment.

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