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In light of the various need-growth paths within our industry sector, it is critical that whenever given an opportunity to render our services, that we do so with utmost adherence to standards, compliance, show strong sense of responsibility, portray awareness of business growth, dignity, consideration for the other and without losing touch of the motive. While we may be medium enterprise, the provision of our services should be excellent and without compromise remain accompanied by an ethical drive.

As director, management and all team players of the business, we are all called upon to hold ourselves responsible for the achievement of the above values in a very stern manner.

It is thus our belief that if we hold on to these principles, we should wake up to a business that not only portrays an admirable functionality but equally one that sets a stream of examples in it ranking.  Hence, we embark on continuous improvement in both our management systems, knowledge and business environment as large.

Our operational processes are streamlined for the purpose of cost effectiveness, which is a greater benefit to our clients and all stakeholders. Quality of work and services we offer to our clients is our priority, that is, regardless of costs.

Welcome to Stark NC Holding (Pty) Ltd, a business with an eloquent dream.

Business Summary

Stark NC Holding (Pty) Ltd is Holding company which specializes on Civil Engineering, Property Development and Construction Management Consulting. The strong growth of Stark NC Holdings (Pty) Ltd has been built on resilient consistence delivering services to the highest standard. We deliver high quality services to our world class clients.

Nature of business

We specialize in the supply and installation of various building materials. Construction in both private and public sector. Project management services are also offered within the KZN area.


We aim to deliver quality in construction through dedication and  knowledge. We seek to assist local businesses by providing contractual and administrative services.

Mission statement

It is our mission to raise the standard of quality in the construction industry by using highly skilled personnel.

Strategic Objectives

Stark NC Holdings (Pty) Ltd aims and objectives are summarized in the following statements:-

  • The carrying out of any form of construction works as per client’s requirement.
  • To become a positive contributor to the Black enterprises
  • Add positive impact to the social economic development and job creation opportunities in S.A.

Business Core Values

STEWARDSHIP We ensure that all our projects are supervised with optimum care and with professionalism.
TRUST We treat every client with outmost respect and advise with integrity.
ACCOUNTABLITY We carry out all works as if it is our own.
RELIABLE Our team goes the extra mile to ensure our clients are at ease and will expect a product to be delivered on time.
KEEPING IT SIMPLE, BUT SATISFYING All works are managed by using simple and effective tools, delivering quality and workmanship that the industry demands.